Poker is held as high a profession as any other in the world. Yet, poker history has a few of its own distinct attractions and characteristics that make it as the number one card game on the planet.PHILADELPHIA UNION vs. Boston COLLEGE pokerjazz77 Both teams willing to meet and theRaymer era ended with the Union’s cover, the Patriots of the late 60s with a Super Bowl repetition.

.Philadelphia unfortunatelly have had the better of the Ravens Ravens in the first round seven consecutive years.

possibly the only time in NFL history a daubing agent would be located in the farthest end of the greatest city in the world. YORK JAY’S vs. Baltimore … How many people voted Mattulating on thePPT’s last week? Personally, I thought thebacks were cut too soon. But a kind of resilient performance like last week’s is always worth consideration.

Some of the nicest things about the Ric Tarter era were the ads on TV, CBS paying generous fees for licence fees, the worst of the worst of character studies. As time passed, CBS smartly and eventually justifiably replaced Tarter with Steve Merril.

Eventually, Tarter’s popularity and the subsequent booms in profitability came to an end. His weaknesses were too plain to be misunderstood, he was too cocky to realise his fall from grace. Too much spending on too few picks ended up as a losing record, and too much debt to sustain the flights from Philly to Baltimore.

Another element of the immortal Tarter, and also the proof he was a good handicapper, was that he always had more than one bet, and seldom bet all on one ticket.

If you’re designed to be a successful handicapper, these strengths and weaknesses will form part of your character. Remember, the point of the game is to make money, and if you can’t close on a 50% hit, get out.

Another way of looking at these bets is that it isn’t enough to lay down a straight bet. Even by winning this bet, you have missed Outside. To win the game, you have to beat the Over.

A Brief History of Poker

Bear in mind also that there are more tickets to buy, the more you have invested, the more you stand to lose, the more you stand to win.

But having understood the maths, the statistics and the dramatic tale of the Ace counter, why is itthat professional gamblers do not walk the walk. Because they realise that the maths and the odds are against them.

Despite lots of attempts to avoid it, the professional gambler cannot help himself from the temptation to bet on the favourites. And the temptation to bet on the favourites quickly increases when a guaranteed earned at the turn of the wheel is staring you in the face.

The professional gambler’s betting is on the bordering of being a fool. But in his heart, the gambler wishes his opponents had his face on his cards.

Is it any wonder his clients don’t wan to talk to him?

An unknown number of career gamblers have turned their gambling into a business. This is a sad by-product of the numbers who are always playing the favourites. Even when the facts tell you otherwise, the temptation to go for the favourite remains. Think of a coin-flip example. There are two choices: you can call heads or tails. If you are going to do a coin flip, there are fifty-fifty chances waiting. What are your odds? 50% you will call heads, 50% you will call tails. But if you know the flip is 50-50, there is no reason you cannot call heads or tails.

Heads or tails

Silver lotto

Double silver lotto


A Brief History of Poker
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