Playing roulette is actually fairly simple, the wheel is spun and a ball is dropped, the ball will eventually stop in a hole or a slot. Now the purpose of the game is to predict the slot the ball will finish in or the area it will finish in. Sounds easy right? Yes it is easy.

The wheel is not complicated to play, you just have to bet where the ball will stop and when you place your bet where you think the ball will land you win. There are different kinds of bets you can place and I am going to teach you the most common. I am going to teach you the bets to place so you can make money with Pokerace99.

The inside bets

There are 6 parts on the inside of a roulette wheel, these are the numbers 1-36, 0, 00, 1-36, 2-36, 3-36. 4-36, 5-36, 6-36. The combination of all 6 parts equals 50. You can bet on 3 numbers, 6 numbers, 9 numbers, 13 numbers, or 24 numbers.

The outside bets

These are what you call outside bets. You can bet on whether the ball will land on an even number, an odd number, a black number, a red number, or even numbers. You can also bet on whether the ball will land on a low number or high number.

The last outside bet is on the corner, which is the number 22. There are many bets with numbers on the corners, but you don’t have to bet on every number to win. If you see a wheel that already has the numbers on the corner, then you don’t need to bet, but just place your bet where you think the ball will land.

Betting and Winning

When you bet on a single number, the bet is placed on the edge of the wheel, this helps you bet at the wheel edge and the ball can land on any of the numbers if the spin is lucky enough. When you place chips on an even number, you have the same odds of winning as a single number bet. The only wheel bet you have better odds on is betting on two numbers by placing your chip in the square at the intersection of those two numbers.

The best odds bet is betting in square regardless of the number you are betting on. If you place your chip in a square on the layout you have an equal chance to win as if you placed it in the center. The wheel is your friend and it knows all the numbers in the game since the numbers are on the wheel. The wheel has the same chances of landing on each number in a row as it has of landing on each number in a column.

The easiest way to win is to learn when to bet and when to lay your bet down. If you have already placed your bet on a number, then you only have to keep placing the bet until you win. Unlike other bets, you do not have to win within the next several rolls of the wheel to win, the table only pays out when the ball has landed on a number which matches your bet. Hence, you can continue placing bets until you win. Just remember, waiting for the winning spin of the wheel is not very important, you must first have a number or a combination of numbers.

There are several ways of betting and winning, the most common is betting on a single number and keeping the bet until you have three matching numbers. This allows you to bet $5 on the first dozen (1-12) and the ball lands on the number you have placed your bet on. If you do not win the first dozen, you keep betting on that field, but this time you bet $10, $20, $40, $80, etc. Here you have a good chance of winning because the odds are low. This method goes on until you have a section of 12 numbers that you win in.

Another method of betting is the middle of the road. If you place your bet in the field where there are three numbers in a row, you have a good chance that the next number will be one of yours.

You can also bet on two numbers by placing your chip in the box in front of the teller that shows the numbers on the side of the wheel, above the layout and to the right of the roulette wheel. If the ball lands on your numbers, you win. This method goes on until you have two sections of 12 numbers that you win with.

There are two types of roulette, European and American. The first type has 37 numbers, the second has 38. Your odds in playing European roulette are better than American roulette; the odds are about even.

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