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one of the toughest bets to make, yet in no limit hold’em this is the place to be. It is a brutal game that requires no less skill than no limit hold’em and the ability to think quickly and accurately in an extremely narrow range of range. However the difference here is that there is a much higher cost of losing than in limit games.

Making the Switch From NL Hold’em to Limit Hold’em

limping to stick around

Being able to make a small profit here is much more profitable than bleeding your entire stack to your opponents. The term limping is used to describe a strategy by a player while in the small blind. Limping is where a bet is made by the player in the small blind in an attempt to induce a larger bet by a player in the big blind. It is a play against the big blind and not the pot.

emptying your stack

This is the term used to describe a player’s need to make a move in the middle of the game. This is applicable after a player has limped in or made a bet in the previous round of betting. This is the spot to exert force in the pot, to get a free card, or to assert dominance.

TRIO: short for Tight Aggressive No Limit Texas Hold’em.

These are the five playing styles that are most frequently used in Texas Hold’em. These are:

loose aggressiveNo Limit Texas Hold’em: Loose-aggressive is the most popular playing style played today. Although it is a very dangerous strategy, especially when used in the wrong way, it can be fun to play in a sort of ‘go-against-the-odds’ kind of way. But, it’s most definitely not the way to go if you want to be a winning poker player.

exacerbated tightnessNo Limit Texas Hold’em: A tight, passive strategy that makes a huge profit. This is the gaming strategy that will make you a big winner. Sticking to a basic strategy like this will take a lot of the gamble out of the game.

Aggressive No Limit Texas Hold’em: This is the place to play a lot of hands, and win them. For a tight player, playing aggressive is the best possible way to win. Playing aggressive, especially against the lesser valued hands, will help you win the majority of pots you are at.

Tight Aggressive No Limit Texas Hold’em: Tight players don’t win at poker. Tight players let their stack size and relative comfort dictate many of their decisions. When you are deciding what to do, consider injury to the tight players, rather than to the loose ones. If the tight ones are at your table, for instance, you want to make sure you are one of them, not attract the attention of the neighbors.

While the Texas Hold’em poker style is very flexible, and the strategies that you can use can very easily vary by table position, beginning players should lean toward a tight and passive strategy, minimizing the risk of loss.

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Time to Step it Up – Making the Switch From NL Hold’em to Limit Hold’em
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